49cc 4G T Belt Drive Complete Gas Powered Engine Kit


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This 4 stroke motorized bicycle engine kit comes with everything you need to convert most V-frame bicycle to a 49cc gas powered scooter. Simply clamp on the engine, install the sprocket, gas tank, and other hardware and you'll be up a running in a couple of hours. Installation requires some tools and a moderate mechanical apptitude.

High quality 4 stroke Hua Sheng engine gets you 150mpg with top speeds of about 35 MPH (pretty fast on a bicycle). These things are built to last and require virtually no maintenance.

With the included clutch you maintain full function of the original bike. Pedal and ride your bike like normal. When you want to engage the engine simply give the engine gas and go. To power off simply press the included kill switch.

Features an 80 tooth or 100 tooth freewheel pulley with 9 and 10 tooth solid sprockets. NOTE: a small front pulley is better for hills, a large front pulley allows for higher speeds.

Only basic tools required for installation, tools we recommend using are:

SAE & Metric open end wrench set, Ratchet & metric socket set, Needle-nose pliers, Vise-Grip pliers, Allen wrenches, Phillips head and slot head Screwdrivers, Ruler or tape measure, Permanent marker ("Sharpie" or equivalent), Drill with 3/32" and 15/64" (or 1/4") bits, Cable Zip Ties, Medium strength thread locking compound - "Blue Loctite" #242 or equivalent. Note: thread locking compound can melt certain types of plastic, so use on metal only.

Kit Includes:
  • 4 cycle 49cc 2.5 hp HuaSheng engine
  • T belt drive transmission
  • 80/100 tooth pulley, 9/10 tooth sprocket configuration
  • Tapered 1/2" drive shaft with factory OEM centrifugal clutch
  • 3 piece wide crank
  • 1pc to 3pc bottom bracket conversion kit
  • 48 tooth 9 hole chrome sprocket - NOT compatible with Zeda Angel Roller Bike
  • 2.5L fuel tank
  • Twist throttle & cable with kill switch
  • Heavy duty chain
  • All the mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware.
  • Complete users manual / installation instructions.
  • 6 month limited warranty.

Click here for a demonstration on measuring your frame for the 4G kit.

This kit is legal in almost all states. Most laws stipulate that any motorized vehicle under 50cc is legal to operate without a license, registration, or insurance. You can find a kit with a larger engine, but you will be required to have a drivers license and you must license, register, and insure your scooter. Don't bother with the hassle--get the biggest engine available that doesn't require license, registration, and insurance!

DISCLAIMER: Operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit involves some risk of bodily injury . Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Bicycle-Engines.com is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit . This kit is not recommended for use by persons under 16 years of age. Obey all traffic regulations. Always wear a helmet while riding. Remember that you are riding a motorized bicycle and other traffic may not be able to see you. Never operate your motorized bicycle on a pedestrian through way or sidewalk while the engine is running. Never operate your motorized bicycle in an unsafe manner. Check local and state laws before riding on streets. Engines larger than 48cc are not legal to operate on the street.


Optional Upgrades:

Thumb Clutch And Brake Mid Frame Kick Stand Heavy Duty Axle Kit

Installation: Manufacturer Instruction Manual - 4G T Belt 4 Stroke Engine Kit Installation Manual


  • Engine TypeAir-cooled 4-Stroke OHV Single Cylinder
  • Max Power(kw/r/min)1.5 KW / 2 HP / 6800
  • Fuel Consumption(g/kwh)≤480
  • Fuel Consumption(L/h)0.78
  • LWA(dB(A))101
  • Net Weight(kg)7
  • Displacement(cc)49.1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity(L)--
  • Oil Capacity(mL)250
  • Ignition SystemTCI
  • Compression Ratio7.4
  • CarburetorFloat
  • Starting SystemRecoil
  • Approximate DimensionsHeight - 9 1/2", Width - 11", Length - 9"

What Customers Are Saying

49cc 4G T Belt Drive Complete Gas Powered Engine Kit
49cc 4G T Belt Drive Complete Gas Powered Engine Kit
4/5 (595 votes)
  • Robert Sanderson
    I got my 49 cc 4 G T back in March of 2012.
    I love it. I ride my bike 30 miles one way to work everyday. I have over 2000 mile on my engine.
    It still works like the day I got it.
    The technical support I got from Robert over the phone and vie E-mail was awesome.
    Everybody stops me and ask me about my bike.
    They all love it.
  • John Crawford
    I purchased this kit and have been running it for over two and a half years now. This is one VERY SOLID engine kit! The engine just keeps going and going, the belt drive transmission is solid (I keep using that word for a reason . . ), it has remained quiet and very little maintenance has been needed (change the oil, readjust the chain, that has been it so far). The power of the engine has not faded even so much as a little, in fact, after a break in period it ran better than at start-up. Still starts with one or two pulls of the rope. If you build one of these, be sure you put it on a bike you really like because chances are you're going to be with it for a long time! Solid engine, solid transmission and chain drive, I put it on a solid bicycle . . . it just goes and goes, and sometimes it goes VERY FAST! 2 or 3 HP isn't hard to find, 2 or 3 HP that will be around for a while is tough to find! However, not any more. I can vouch that this kit is definitely worth your hard earned cash. Be patient with it, install it correctly the first time, take care of it (and don't ride like a maniac) and this will stick around for years to come! I have moved to North Dakota now, and it was in storage. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago just to get it up and running. Just like all the times before, two pulls and off we went to the amazement and fun of all who watched! Even after all this time, just like others who have put one of these together, I still get asked about it, offered money for it, etc. If you are looking for a commuter substitute (and live in an area you can ride without getting run over!) THIS is a very viable option for you! BTW, this is my third review of this kit, nothing has changed, it only gets better. Okay, enough, I am going for a ride now . . . . . . . You're still reading this? LOL! Seriously though, if you considering this kit, I highly recommend it. Make sure you have got a big enough bike to put it on, check you measurements closely, when you are sure, don't be afraid to give this a whirl.
  • david smith
    I changed to the belt drive 6 or 7 months ago.Was the best thing I ever did. The help over the phone was great. It solved some problems and made none. Fantastic.
  • Alex Blevins
    Some other sellers are selling a cheap knock off of this kit. There is a reason it's cheaper. Spend the extra for a Grube kit. You won't be sorry.
  • Karl Bivens
    Dianne was a joy to deal with! After getting the complete run around and being ripped off by another Vendor who claims to be the ONLY importer of grubee products..., I will be sending lots of business this way!
  • John Crawford
    I purchased my kit well over a year ago and it works today just as well, if not better after break in, as the day I first started and rode it. I had some issues with the belt drive and one way sprocket, but Robert was a really big help in it all. I got a replacement with a different ratio and after running it, found it better anyway. I am running a beach cruiser with this on it and it pulls my 230 lbs down the road a steady 25 to 30 MPH all the time. Some folks like different equipment, that is okay. Go grab the stuff if you like, but with a little patience and a very small amount of upkeep, this kit runs and runs and runs! Want to go faster? Buy a motorcycle. This was designed to be fun and relatively safe as the hobby goes. I get stopped and asked about it all the time. I will definitely be sending business here for sure. Advice? Take your time, mind your measurements and do it right the first time. Don't be stupid, ride safely. Remember, it is a BICYCLE with an engine. But most of all, have fun! I live in Colorado and this thing tackles the hills fairly well! I still have to pedal sometimes, but when I do, it feels like I am pedaling something very light because of the engine's help! Quiet compared to most two strokes, don't have to mix fuel and oil, just pull up and fill up (I cried as I had to pay 67 cents to top off one day after riding to and from work for a week, 30 miles of city traffic), centrifugal clutch allows engine to idle when stopped. Continuing to go strong! New tires next season, LOL! Thanks Gang!
  • johneaslan@dodo.com.au
    I have ausa shipplng address and from there sendinf on tome in western australa.
  • The Mecanic
    I just got my kit and everything included was all there. I found it odd that they display a clutch lever which this kit doesn't need or even include. It uses an automatic clutch which means when you turn off the engine you can automatically pedal the bike without the need of using a clutch lever to separate the bike from the engine like on 2 stroke kits. That's the beauty of the 4G kit.

    My kit is also very new. It was made in 2014. It's also 2014 EPA certified which is important to me because I respect the laws and I care for the environment. This kit is based on the Honda GHX which is a very good motor and has a great reputation in reliability. I saw the GHX at Harbor Freight and compared it to the HS 142 that's in the 4G kit and they are almost identical in every way only the HS 142 is designed for bicycles. The Honda GHX motors are more for industrial applications like generators or lawnmower engines but I've seen the GHX converted to support the 4G transmission.

    The Grubee 4G T belt transmission is the one all the motorized bicyclists rave about and I see why. It feels very well made even for a china product. It operates very smoothly when the clutch is separated from the transmission and its easy to adjust the pulley and replace the belt when the time comes.

    The price and costumer service is great. It was delivered within five days and even when I ordered on a Friday. It even shipped on the same day I placed the order.

    It also fits my bike perfictly from seat post to front down tube and Still have lots of room to adjust if needed. I recommend a good sized good quality cruiser because it fits on that kind of bike the best and look into local bike shop cruisers because they can handle being motorized more than those cheap department store bikes like the ones Walmart has.

    Good product and good customer service pretty much sums up this review. I'll be buying from here again.
  • Jordan
    I've had my kit for a year now and put it thru hell and back from the negative ten degree ice racing tracks to the streets of Wisconsin on the hottest day of the year 80+ two issues the carburetor and the bolts and screws that come with the kit the end result best kit I've researched and bought although your gonna put a lot of troubleshooting into your kit but thats expected I placed a two stroke carb jetted to a four stroke carburetor and boosted my horsepower by 20 percent while sacrificing half of the gas efficiency but still onlly costs me 10 bucks a month even while I work 60 hours a week and cruise around for fun have fun and enjoy
  • The Mechanic >update
    Into its first month of use the transmission clutch drum rotor snapped off the shaft while I was doing 25 mph. Had to pedal back. While pedaling the transmission sprocket makes an awfully annoying sound kind of like the sound a torque wrench makes when you spin it backwards. Before that clutch drum failure the belt pulley came off because there was no lock tight in the pulley bolts & getting the belt back on was difficult even after using the adjustment tool. The pedal resistance was less than that I experienced when pedaling a 2 stroke though so the 4G deserves props for that but I have mixed feelings about the quality of the 4G. Bolts are cheapo China made & can strip easily the mounting bolts are OK but the other bolts that hold the parts together in the 4G are junk so save yourself the trouble & get yourself better stainless steel bolts from a hardware store. The clutch drum is very poorly designed. It's it's tack welded onto the shaft & the shaft & clutch drum looks like its made out of brass or something. For what it costs by itself you'd think it would be better made If you really want a good 4 stroke setup you might be better off investing in an EZM Qmatic transmission & a long shaft motor or getting a tapered shaft adapter for the Qmatic. Personally I'm going back to a 2 stroke because 2 strokes are getting better & they are the cheapest & simplest bicycle motor to repair & modify.