49cc 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit Only


Regular price: $199.99

Our price: $110.99

3.78/5 (68 votes)
49cc 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit Only

The 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit comes with all the parts you need to motorize your bike except the engine and transmission. 

Kit Includes:

  • 48 Tooth Rear Drive Sprocket
  • Rear Drive Sprocket Mounting Kit
  • 3 Piece Wide Crank
  • 1pc to 3pc Conversion Kit
  • 2.5L Black Fuel Tank and Mounting Hardware
  • Fuel Valve and Fuel Line
  • Twist Throttle with kill switch
  • Throttle Cable
  • Heavy Duty Chain
  • Ball Bearing Chain Tensioner
  • Black Mounting Plate and Mounting Hardware
  • Installation instructions
  • 6 month limited warranty

What Customers Are Saying

49cc 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit Only
49cc 4G T-Belt Drive Mounting Kit Only
3.78/5 (68 votes)
  • brandon Adele
    This has got to be worst cheapest kit you can get
  • The Mecanic
    Cheap junk. Looks like your paying $110 for $50 or $60 with of Chinese junk parts. You might be better off getting better stuff from hardware stores for about the same price. Just from what came with my 4G kit the only decent items are the sprocket, fuel tank, chain & motor mount. Everything else like the "rag joint" sprocket clamp, fuel line, chain tensioner, 3 piece crank set & the nuts & bolts are cheap very very low grade stuff. I recomend replacing the rubber sprocket clamp with a better sprocket adapter, getting or building a better idler bracket that mounts to both upper & lower stays of the bike (seiriously I dont know what idiot thinks an idler bracket that only clamps to one stay of the bike is a 'good idea' ruined my spokes once with a standard kit idler bracket, horrible design) & upgrading all the nuts & bolts to grade 8 or higher from a local hardware store.