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Crank & Piston

1) 54M6x25 (Gear box cover bolt)
2) Gear Box Cover
3) Bevel Gear Bolt
4) Lock Washer (Bevel Gear Bolt)
5a) Woodruff Key
5) Small Bevel gear
6) Thick Rubber Bearing Seal
7) M6x35 Round Head Bolt
8) M6x35 Round Head Bolt
9) Gear Box Gasket
10) Long Bracket Support
11) Mounting Bracket
12) M6 Lock Washer (Mounting Bracket)
13) M6 Nut (Mounting Bracket)
14) Rt Crankcase Section
15) M6x40 Stud (Mounting Bracket)
16) Crank Case Ball Bearing
B-18) Lt and Rt Flywheel
22) Piston Rings (Set of 2)
23) Piston
24) Piston Snap Ring
25) Piston Pin
26) Connecting Rod
27) Piston Pin Bushing
38) M4x18 Round Head Bolt (Magneto Cover)
39) M4 Lock Washer (Magneto Cover)
40) Magneto Cover
41) Magneto cover Gasket
42) M4x25 Round Head Bolt (Magneto Winding)
43) M4 Flat Washer (Magneto Winding)
45) Magneto Winding/Stator
46) Thin Rubber Seal
48) Magneto Magnet
52) M6x35 Round Head Bolt (Drive Sprocket Cover)
53) Drive Sprocket Cover
54) CDI