BT80 Electric Start

BT80 Outer Rotor

$24.99 $12.99

Standard OEM replacement Outer Rotor for use with BT80 Engine Kits. The outer rotor houses the generator coil and is equipped with permanent magnets whose rotation generates voltage in the stationary winding on the generator coil.

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BT80 Sprocket Cover


Standard OEM replacement Sprocket Cover for use with BT80 Engine Kits. Protecting vital drive train components, the engine sprocket cover is located in between the pull start assembly and crankcase, this part acts as a barrier for the 10-tooth sprocket.

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BT80 Throttle Switch


Standard OEM replacement Throttle Switch for use with BT80 Engine Kits. The throttle switch is responsible for starting and shutting off the engine. Connected to the starting relay, voltage regulator and CDI, this part utilizes a button and switch to...

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