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Cylinder Assembly

Custom Offset Angled Intake for OKO Carb/Zeda80 Engines


Do you have a DIO reed kit and OKO carburetor but now your air filter is in the way? Get our custom offset angled intake made right here in the USA! This custom intake allows the DIO reed valve and OKO carburetor to be angled reducing interference when...

40mm High Performance Aluminum CNC Intake OZ Reed Valve

$79.99 $49.99

Soup up your engine today with our 40mm Intake OZ Reed Valve! When modified correctly, this reed valve gives you the potential to increase horse power, create quicker throttle responsiveness, and provide better fuel economy to your engine. Meant for 40mm...

40mm Off Set Z Intake Manifold


The Z Intake Manifold allows for an offset carburetor placement. Perfect for larger carburetors or for fitting on a bike frame that would be non-compatible with a normal manifold. *Please note that it is critical to engine performance that the...

2-Stroke Tool Kit


Grubee SkyHawk 66cc AngleFire 2-Stroke engine tool kit. Includes: Spark Plug, Spark Plug Wrench, Crankshaft Gear Puller, Aluminum Head Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, and Intake Gasket

Aluminum Head Gasket (Part #3)


3) Aluminum Head Gasket For use with the 48cc/58cc Skyhawk engine or use the 66cc Zeda version for the 2-stroke. Aluminum head gasket thickness 0.7mm (+/- 0.02mm).

CNC Billet Aluminum Air Intake – 40 mm Engine Intake


Looking for an easy upgrade to boost the performance of your two-stroke gas powered motorized bicycle engine kit? This CNC billet aluminum intake manifold fits on most Zeda 2-stroke bicycle engine kits, features an O-ring seal for an airtight fit that...

Copper Head Gasket (Part #3)


#3 - Head Gasket, for use with 66/80cc Zeda 2-stroke engines. Our copper head gasket is a great choice to get the full performance from your 2-stroke engine. Copper is malleable so it fully conforms to the sealing surfaces which allows for a strong seal...

Cylinder/Crankcase Gasket 2 Pack (Part #7)


7) Cylinder/Crankcase Gasket Replacement gaskets, located between the cylinder and crankcase - 2 gaskets are required for use with Zeda 66/80cc (ENGJL-CCGSKT#7) and Zeda 100cc (ENGJL-Z100CCGSKT) 2-stroke engine kits for proper spacing and timing...

Zeda 100 Piston Kit


Standard replacement 50mm piston for the Zeda100 2-stroke engine kits. Kit Includes: 1x 80/100cc 50mm Piston 2x Piston Rings 1x Piston Wrist Pin 2x Piston Wrist Pin Clips

2 Stroke Cylinder Assembly
1) Spark Plug
2) Cylinder Head
3) Aluminum Head Gasket
4) M6X112 Stud
5) Cylinder
6) Intake Gasket
7) Cylinder/Crank case gasket
8) M6X28 Stud
9) Exhaust Gasket
10) M6 Box Nut
11) M6 Flat Washer
12) M6 Lock Washer