Zeda 80 2-Stroke Motorized Bike Build

Kachi’s Kid is an experience Motovlogger. On his channel Kachi’s Kid provides many useful videos on things to watch out for, product knowledge, and product installation. We are featuring his two-part installation of the New Zeda 80 Complete 80cc Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit - Firestorm Edition. Check it out!

New Products

BT80 Electrical Wide Crank Set


OEM wide crank set for added pedaling clearance required for use with BT80 engine kits. Includes left and right crank arms with preinstalled black 44 tooth front chain ring.

BT80 Electrical Box and Mounting Hardware


OEM plastic box that houses the main BT80 electrical components (CDI, voltage regulator, and starting relay - sold separately). Includes bicycle frame mounting bracket as well as hardware to attach...

Zeda 80 Cover Set


Set of replacement covers for Zeda80 Engines, includes: Clutch Gear Cover, Magneto Cover and Drive Sprocket Cover - save over 20% compared to buying individually!

Zeda 80 Pull Start


Perfect for pedal-less bicycle builds, bikes that are difficult to pedal, or if you just want to stop pedaling to start your motorized bike, this 2-stroke engine pull start assembly is exactly what...

International Analog Speedometer

$24.99 $9.99

These international analog speedometers indicate the speed and mileage of your motorized bike. Easily connect this speedometer to your bike’s handlebars to let you know how fast and how far you're...

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