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Zeda 100 Piston Kit


Standard replacement 50mm piston for the Zeda100 2-stroke engine kits. Kit Includes: 1x 80/100cc 50mm Piston 2x Piston Rings 1x Piston Wrist Pin 2x Piston Wrist Pin Clips

Zeda 100 Carburetor


Replacement standard carburetor for the Zeda100 2-stroke engine kits. Similar to the NT carburetor with the exception of the filter, this carb has a larger diameter body allowing for more airflow.

Zeda 100 CDI


Replacement CDI for the Zeda100 2-stroke engine kits. Responsible for generating a spark, the CDI is a crucial 2-stroke electrical component that transfers the energy generated by the magneto magnet...

Zeda 100 Cylinder Kit


If your cylinder or piston is damaged beyond repair our complete 80/100cc Zeda 100 2-stroke engine cylinder kit comes complete with all parts and hardware needed to replace your entire top end...

Engine Mount Spring Chain Tensioner

$29.99 $26.99

This chain tensioner mounts directly over the drive sprocket cover on your 2-stroke engine. Featuring a fully adjustable spring-loaded design, this tensioner will maintain constant pressure for your...

Copper Head Gasket (Part #3)


#3 - Aluminum Head Gasket, for use with 66/80cc Zeda 2-stroke engines. Our copper head gasket is a great choice to get the full performance from your 2-stroke engine. Copper is malleable so it fully...

Heavy Duty Chrome Springer Bicycle Fork

$119.99 $89.99

Have a bumpy ride? This heavy-duty springer bicycle fork is a great addition to a bicycle needing front suspension along with adding a slick vintage look for beach cruisers and chopper bicycles...

Flex Fit Poo Poo Motocross Muffler


The Flex Fit Poo Poo Motocross Muffler was not only designed to enhance the looks of your motorized bike but to also increase your 2 stroke engines performance. The expansion chamber and silencer...

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