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Fuel & Exhaust

Dual Pull Brake Lever


Use to pull 2 brake cables with a single handle. Universal--can be used on almost all bikes. Note: *Will require purchase of (2) item # ENG2S66-BCE in order to properly attach cables to handle assembly.

Velocity Stack For OKO 21mm 2 Stroke Carb

$19.99 $12.99

In amateur and professional racing, aftermarket velocity stacks are often used to increase performance. Velocity stacks allow smooth and even entry of air at high velocities into the intake, increasing power in the order of 2% to 4%. Choose from 5...

66cc NT Racing Carburetor


Upgraded racing carburetor for SkyHawk Angle Fire GT5A 66cc Bicycle Engine Kit. This carburetor is equipped with a 14.9mm slide for improved air - fuel mixture.

Tunable 2 Stroke CNS Performance Carburetor V2


New redesigned CNS carburetor with improved angle for the fuel line. Also, can accept aftermarket air filters. Features include a choke housing that utilizes a cable from the handle bars to engage/disengage. Idle adjustment and air flow adjustment...

2-Stroke Dellorto Copy Carburetor


Just pop this carb on and go! Replacement carburetor for Zeda 2-Stroke engines. This flat slide design Dellorto "style" carburetor, is a favorite carburetor upgrade for many of our customers. Attaches easily to stock manifold and its...

Zeda 100 Carburetor


Replacement standard carburetor for the Zeda100 2-stroke engine kits. Similar to the NT carburetor with the exception of the filter, this carb has a larger diameter body allowing for more airflow.

2-Stroke Carburetor K&N Style Metal Mesh Air Filter

$12.99 $9.99

High flow air filter designed to improve engine performance, increase horsepower, torque, and acceleration. This type of air filter has excellent filtration and dependable protection for a long engine life. Compatible with carburetors with 50mm diameter...

Chrome Air Filter Housing


Fits CNS Style Carburetor, Chrome K&N style air cleaner. Redirects airflow inside the filter to pull in more air through the side pleats for even greater performance & efficiency. Cleanable and reusable, this filter delivers the best protection available...

Seat Post Rear Gas Tank - Chrome or Black - 2.0 Liter


If you’re looking for a gas tank for a bike frame that just won’t seem to let you mount the standard kit gas tank, our 2L black or chrome seat post gas tank is what you need. Mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, fat tire bikes, any bike - this gas tank...

Magnetic In-line Fuel Filter


In case you need a little added protection for your fuel system due to sitting for extended periods of time, we recommend the use of our new Magnetic In-Line Fuel filter. The magnet helps to catch the small particles of rust that enter into the fuel...

2 Stroke Fuel and Exhaust
XX) Carburetor (complete unit)
34) Air Intake Manifold
35) Air Cleaner
52) Twist Grip Throttle
51,52) Twist Throttle & Cable
2 Stroke Fuel and Exhaust
1) Fuel Cap
2,6,7,8) Black Fuel Tank (Fuel Cap &  Mounting Hardware)
4) Fuel Valve with Filter