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BT80 Chrome Muffler


Standard OEM replacement Chrome Muffler for use with BT80 Engine Kits. Featuring a custom flange and streamline design, with a 35mm diameter exhaust port. Due to the unique size most other stock or...

BT80 Spark Plug

$8.99 $4.99

Standard OEM replacement Spark Plug for use with BT80 Engine Kits. These plugs are made from alumina silicate and offer a ceramic insulator just like the NGK B6HS spark plug. And just like NGK's,...

12 Volt Magneto Stator Coil - Sparker Loop Set

$26.99 $16.99

Designed to produce consistent 12 volt spark to run your 12 volt motorized bike accessories. Includes additional accessory wire allowing you to power headlights, blinkers, and other 12v accessories...

Replacement Brake Pads Kit


60mm High grade bicycle rim brake pads built with a durable, all-weather compound, these classic brake pads will provide you plenty of stopping power. Each kit includes 2 – brake pads with...

Slide On Black Rubber Grips


Increase your comfort and control with these subtle and grippy ridged pattern rubber bike grips. The rubber compound is lightweight, cushiony and super-durable, so you'll get miles and miles of...