Replacement Parts

2 Stroke 80cc Replacement Piston for BT80


Standard OEM replacement Piston for use with BT80 Engine Kits. The piston is located within the cylinder body and is connected to the connecting rod. Does not include: piston rings, wrist pin, wrist pin bearing, or wrist pin clips.

1 Piece to 3 Piece Bottom Bracket Conversion Kit


American to European adapter kit for converting standard 1 piece crank bicycles to be used with 3 piece wide cranks such as those included with our 4G 4 stroke kits. Kit features new bearing race reducer and European bottom bracket set with a semi-sealed...

20 Inch Aluminum Riser Handlebar


Are you looking for the perfect handlebar for fast responsive handling? Then look no further than our aluminum riser handlebar! Only 20” in length this handlebar is built for ultimate performance, is sturdy enough for any rider to enjoy, and offers 2.25”...

36 and 44 Tooth Rear Gear Mag Wheel Adapter Kit


Don't mess around with the old rag joint standard installation kit and get the Mag Wheel Adapter Kit! This kit makes installing your rear sprocket on to a mag wheel super quick and effortlessly easily. Simply bolt the adapter to your mag wheel with the...

4G Peek-a-Boo 80T Pulley Cover


Replacement cover for the tapered shaft 4G transmission. Peek-a-Boo Cover is for use with the 80 tooth freewheel on the 4G T-Belt drive transmissions and will not fit any other size pulley. Please be sure and order the correct mounting brackets which...

Find all of the parts you need for your 4-stroke and 2-stroke gas powered bicycle engine below.