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Fuel System

Seat Post Rear Gas Tank - Chrome or Black - 2.0 Liter


If you’re looking for a gas tank for a bike frame that just won’t seem to let you mount the standard kit gas tank, our 2L black or chrome seat post gas tank is what you need. Mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, fat tire bikes, any bike - this gas tank...

Magnetic In-line Fuel Filter


In case you need a little added protection for your fuel system due to sitting for extended periods of time, we recommend the use of our new Magnetic In-Line Fuel filter. The magnet helps to catch the small particles of rust that enter into the fuel...

Standard In-line Fuel Filter


Clean fuel is important because contaminants can cause clogging of orifices or jets in your carburetor and cause the motor to get too much or not enough fuel. This fuel filter can easily be installed between your fuel tank and carburetor and is critical...

1/2 Gallon Gas Tank (black)

$39.99 $24.99

1/2 gallon (2.5 liters) gas tank in black. Tank is plated inside to help prevent rust. Includes chrome gas cap and fuel valve (not pictured). We highly recommend applying teflon tape to the fuel valve before installing to prevent any fuel leaks...

Fuel Valve With Mesh Filter


Fine threaded fuel valve for 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon tanks or coarse threaded fuel valve for Zeda engine ready motorized Screaming Demon V2 and Dawn Cruiser bikes. Includes mesh filter and gasket. Ideal for 3/16" ID fuel line. We highly recommend...

Colored Fuel Line


Add some custom flair to your bike and engine kit with these vibrant colored fuel lines. Each fuel line measures 40" long and includes a magnetic inline fuel filter.

Gas Tanks and other related items for the fuel system.