New Zeda 80 Complete 80cc 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit - Firestorm Edition

New Zeda 80 Complete 80cc 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit - Firestorm Edition

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This is a complete 80cc 2 stroke Bicycle Engine Kit. Get the most recent model of the highly sought after JL Zeda 2 stroke bicycle engine kit with the new updated NT carburetor. Why is the Zeda 80 the best kit available? Click here for a technical comparison. Nothing else even comes close. The Zeda 80 is sure to give you the slickest look and best performance. Give the Zeda motor a whirl and everyone will be racing to catch up to you!

Upgrades for this version include:

  • Open transfer ports
  • New carb design
  • Improved magneto
  • High end allen bolts

This bike engine kit has all of the necessary items to turn your pedal bicycle into a motorized monster! Supply is very limited, so get yours while they last.

Firestorm Zeda 80 Complete Engine Kit Includes:

  • Firestorm Zeda80 2.95 HP 2 stroke Engine (Actual U.S. displacement 69.4cc)
  • Triple 40 configuration - 40mm stroke length, 40mm mount, and 40mm intake (more powerful, efficient, and reliable)
  • Type B piston (high wrist pin)
  • Long connecting rod (89mm)
  • Stuffed crank case with corrosion resistant pearl coating
  • Upgraded Magneto
  • Improved large intake port (40mm bolt hole width)
  • Improved large exhaust port
  • Better balanced crank
  • Upgraded bearings / 60% thicker crank case around bearings
  • Larger 8mm x 1.25 engine mount studs
  • Spark plug
  • Chain guard
  • Chrome muffler (longer angle)
  • Ball bearing chain idler
  • Push button clutch lever
  • 415 Heavy duty chain
  • CDI Ignition
  • Black Teardrop gas tank (2 L)
  • Updated NT racing carburetor with intake o-ring seal
  • 9 hole rear drive sprocket (36, 44, or 48 tooth)
  • Twist throttle with kill switch - incl. throttle cable and matching left grip
  • Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 5"

Mounting Kit & Accessories

  • Fuel tank w/fuel cap, fuel valve, inline fuel filter, and fuel line
  • 415 Heavy duty chain, chain guard, and ball bearing chain tensioner
  • Standard muffler
  • Throttle assembly w/gooseneck style throttle cable
  • Quick release push button clutch lever
  • Large front mount for bicycles that have large down tubes
  • Standard 36, 44, or 48 tooth rear sprocket and sprocket installation kit
  • Spark plug wrench and gear-puller tool

Installation: FireStorm Zeda 80 Installation Instructions | Cylinder Assembly Instructions | Cylinder Assembly Video
Troubleshooting: 2-Stroke Troubleshooting Guide

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  • Zeda 80 firestorm

    Posted by Robert on May 25th 2021

    Good engine has the better g4 cylinder

  • Zelda 80

    Posted by Tristen on Apr 28th 2021

    So I did a lot of research before I went and bought this engine it is the best engine. I think this company is spot on with all their stuff high quality stuff, instructions lead you like it's basically dummy proof you can't mess it up. now there were a couple things that I had to do on my bike which is a beach cruiser from Walmart and that was get I had to get the bigger adjustment pad on and everything like that but this motor is awesome!

    I don't know what any other words to say how good this motor is now this ain't a fake comment but I am with me and the bike is about 300 pounds and it's still puts me about 30 mph a

    I highly suggest buying this motor I have I have the biggest smile on my face talking about this motor and I have all these different I have all my friends like where'd you get that from and I was like you know what go on to this company's name the that come all right all right what motor is that and I say you are going to love it!

    I recommend this motor anybody out there it is such a high quality thing yeah I really am lost of words but like zeda 80 you guys I swear to God this was my first motorized bike and I love it and I hope to look forward buying you guys again for my mom and my uncle and my sister when we go camping so thank you all out there everybody have a good day too

  • Engine

    Posted by Emanuel on Apr 19th 2021

    It came on time just setting it up right now

  • zeda80 firestorm

    Posted by gill on Sep 28th 2020

    awsum motor i replaced it with my old 66 cc motor took me less then a hour and started up on first try it purring like a it finally a good motor

  • excellent

    Posted by Don Hice on Aug 27th 2020

    Love the upgrades very nice

  • Zeda 80

    Posted by Robb Chapin on Jun 8th 2020

    Very impressive, Zeda 80 black engine kit.
    I have previously bought both Flying Horse and Seeutek kits from major competitor before I even heard of Bicycle Zeda 80 just blows them all right out of the water.
    It is simply put, a much better designed engine with much more power than the two i just mentioned.
    Quality is sooooo much better with improved power and top end speed.
    I ordered it with the 36 tooth sprocket which was also a MAJOR improvement for off the line acceleration as well as top end speeds, I had previously used both the 48 and 44 tooth sprockets on previous builds.
    For what it is worth, I used to be an ASE certified master mechanic/technician until my retirement 10 years ago.
    Special shout out to the two fine ladies i talked to, first one when i ordered the kit over the phone, and also when i had one minor problem when the accelerator twist grip wasnt quite right, they replaced it via mail within just a few days no charge.
    Cannot tell you how happy i am with my purchase with, The kit was delivered to me in Alamogordo NM from their Montana location within one week.
    THIS IS THE ONLY entity I will order from for now on.

  • Great product

    Posted by Joseph M Ledet on Jun 4th 2020

    This is the best motor I've gotten so far out of 3. The only problem I have had out of this kit is the gas tank cap does not lock other than that everything is great

  • Nice

    Posted by Alfonso J Murano on May 22nd 2020


  • Firestorm Zeda 80cc

    Posted by Willard Buchanan on May 18th 2020

    nice easy to assemble motor no simply required with the motor itself and then just the carburetor and a few other things I did not have to connect the Piston to the rod the insides were nice and clean no debris I added a window piston G2 Reed valve kit 32-40mm 19 mm intake additive CNC performance head HP race carburetor OZ super magneto supercharged CDI 41NP roller chain it's definitely well worth in money spent thank you thank you bicycle

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