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Chain Drive System

1 Piece to 3 Piece Bottom Bracket Conversion Kit


American to European adapter kit for converting standard 1 piece crank bicycles to be used with 3 piece wide cranks such as those included with our 4G 4 stroke kits. Kit features new bearing race reducer and European bottom bracket set with a semi-sealed...

1 Piece Wide Crank Pedal Kit


Wide crank pedal kit for bicycle engine kits. 11 pieces. Pedal Arm Spacing: 8.5" Pedal Spindle Size: 1/2" Crank Bearing Race OD: 3.25"

Solid Sprocket & HD Axle Kit w/Brake


The perfect choice for motorized bike builders wanting to make custom wheels that can take the strain and abuse of motorized biking. This hub kit includes the option of a 36T, 44T, or 50T solid sprocket (please specify 36, 44, or 50 tooth sprocket when...

Standard Sprocket Install Kit


Standard sprocket install kit for use with 2 and 4 stroke bicycle engine kits. Available with 9 hole configuration only. The small kits include a 5-piece, double-sided metal mounting plates where as the large kits include a 2-piece single sided mounting...

Engine Mount Spring Chain Tensioner

$29.99 $26.99

This chain tensioner mounts directly over the drive sprocket cover on your 2-stroke engine. Featuring a fully adjustable spring-loaded design, this tensioner will maintain constant pressure for your engine drive chain. Tensioner Includes: Engine Mount...

Chain Breaker Tool


This tool is critical in helping get the length of your chain to the custom length needed for your special build! Choose between the 415 chain size and 410 chain size versions.

415 Heavy Duty Chain


Our 415 Heavy Duty Chain is thicker than a standard bicycle chain. It's built specifically for motorized bicycles so it will stand up to the stress and punishment that a bicycle engine kit enthusiast demands. Don't bother with the cheap and puny...

Deluxe Spring Loaded Chain Tensioner


Stop replacing your idler pulley and bearings so often! The spring tensioning helps to set just the right pressure on the sealed bearing within the tensioner allowing the tensioner to last a lot longer.

2 Stroke Chain Drive System
1) Chain 1/2X3/8
2) Chain Guard and mounting strap
3) Chain Slack Adjuster
4) 44 tooth Sprocket
5) Hex Head Clamp Bolt
6) Sprocket Clamp
7) Rubber Spacer
8) Washer
9) Lock Washer
10) Hex Nut