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Complete Bicycles

Do you need a bicycle to put your engine kit on? Well, now Bicycle-Engines.com is offering a complete bicycle to purchase and have shipped out to you so you can install one of our awesome engine kits!

Take the hassle out of trying to find a bicycle that will fit your engine kit, and get a complete, purpose-built engine ready bicycle you can use with any of our popular 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine kits!

Whether it is our 2-Stroke SkyHawk Angle Fire GT5A engine kit or the 49cc 4G T-Belt Drive engine kit you are sure to be pleased to mount it on the 26” Men’s Kruiser we now have available!

Snow & Sand Fat Tire Front Suspension Bicycle - 26 Inch

$599.99 $399.99

With their signature wide, stable feel, a fat tire bike is the perfect tool for extending your riding season if you live where it’s snowy or wet, or if you’re looking to ride on sand or other loose surfaces. Because fat tire bikes have larger, wider...