Zeda 80 Dio Reed & OKO  Carb Performance 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Bike Motor Upgrade Kit

Zeda 80 Dio Reed & OKO Carb Performance 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Bike Motor Upgrade Kit

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Dio Assembly Instructions

Do you have a stock motorized 2 stroke bicycle engine that you are ready to take to the next level? Greatly enhance your existing bike motor with this performance Dio upgrade kit.

Complete add on performance kit Includes:

  • Modified Dio cylinder
  • 21mm OKO flat side carb (includes 3 jet sizes: 0.38mm (pre-installed), 0.39mm, and 0.41mm)
  • 6 flap Dio reed valve
  • K&N style air filter
  • Compatible with the Zeda 80 engine

To gain even more power and performance pair this kit with a Zeda 88 performance pipe!

Fits bike motors with 47mm pistons. Light porting required to achieve full performance potential. Available in silver only.

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  • Awsome

    Posted by Jack Enlow on Jul 29th 2021

    Well I am so far very pleaded with this purchase. Cylinder came with the upgraded transfer ports as well a windowed piston. My previous Zeda DIO setup did not come with these upgrades. I had read that reed valve systems need a windowed piston in order to function properly and was worried I would have to purchase one or modify one I have already but it came with the cylinder. So awesome.
    The only problem I have is I have to take a dremel and grind off some of the glue used to attach intake block, a little bit has smeared on to intake port. Other than that extremely satisfied with this purchase. If more speed is what you want I recommend this kit. You wont be disappointed.

  • Reedvalve carb.hookup

    Posted by Leroy Mack on Jan 11th 2021

    I am in the break in process on a pk80 engine that has about 50 miles on it.So I have not installed the complete carb.lit on the motor yet. I can began to feel the motor increase speed and torch slowly,i am still turning about half trottle.I had had the other popular brand,that starts with a (S),I had the reedvalve hookup attached the same setup as the mikuni vm21.

  • I absolutely love this upgrades engine kit

    Posted by kristopher Thomas on Jun 24th 2020

    I recommend this kit ro everyone who's looking

  • The Zeda Dio reed & OKO performance carb kit is bad ass!

    Posted by Eric on Apr 27th 2020

    This kit added a very noticeable amount of top end speed and a moderate amount of torque. I couldn't really notice that much of a torque increase but that's probably cuz I have a 36 tooth sprocket on my back tire so no matter what I'm going to be slow off the line. Solid construction, great materials, works great. Over all I'm very satisfied so far about my purchase.

  • great piece kit

    Posted by David Rodabaugh on Apr 22nd 2020

    very nice great quality

  • Dio reed 21mm oko (update)

    Posted by Troy L on Apr 13th 2020

    I finally got to run this kit on my engine.i do notice a upgrade in torque and power over the stock carb,manifold but i did have problems with the carb so bicycle-engines sent another carb and it was hard to get tuned it bogged on the needle and main circuits no matter what postion the needle was in it bogged run lean so i put the needle in a dremel and run fine sandpaper on the tip to make it smaller i took 1.5thous off which was the problem with the bog,now it runs ok.now im not saying if anyone buys this kit that they will have the issues i did with the carb.the reed valve,cylinder etc are well made.the reason for 4 stars is because of carb issues but bicycle-engines backs up there parts which is very good if you would happen to have any issues as i did.

  • Sturdy built

    Posted by Troy L on Feb 10th 2020

    This reed kit is sturdy made.i would reccomend it every part looks to be made very well.i didnt run it yet but know of others that has it performs well.

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