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Cylinder Assembly

40mm Off Set Z Intake Manifold


The Z Intake Manifold allows for an offset carburetor placement. Perfect for larger carburetors or for fitting on a bike frame that would be non-compatible with a normal manifold. *Please note that it is critical to engine performance that the...

2-Stroke Tool Kit


Grubee SkyHawk 66cc AngleFire 2-Stroke engine tool kit. Includes: Spark Plug, Spark Plug Wrench, Crankshaft Gear Puller, Aluminum Head Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, and Intake Gasket

Aluminum Head Gasket (Part #3)


3) Aluminum Head Gasket For use with the 48cc/58cc Skyhawk engine or use the 66cc Zeda version for the 2-stroke. Aluminum head gasket thickness 0.7mm (+/- 0.02mm).

CNC Billet Aluminum Air Intake – 40 mm Engine Intake


Looking for an easy upgrade to boost the performance of your two-stroke gas powered motorized bicycle engine kit? This CNC billet aluminum intake manifold fits on most Zeda 2-stroke bicycle engine kits, features an O-ring seal for an airtight fit that...

Copper Head Gasket (Part #3)


#3 - Head Gasket, for use with 66/80cc Zeda 2-stroke engines. Our copper head gasket is a great choice to get the full performance from your 2-stroke engine. Copper is malleable so it fully conforms to the sealing surfaces which allows for a strong seal...

Cylinder/Crankcase Gasket 2 Pack (Part #7)


7) Cylinder/Crankcase Gasket Replacement gaskets, located between the cylinder and crankcase - 2 gaskets are required for use with Zeda 66/80cc (ENGJL-CCGSKT#7) and Zeda 100cc (ENGJL-Z100CCGSKT) 2-stroke engine kits for proper spacing and timing...

Zeda 100 Piston Kit


Standard replacement 50mm piston for the Zeda100 2-stroke engine kits. Kit Includes: 1x 80/100cc 50mm Piston 2x Piston Rings 1x Piston Wrist Pin 2x Piston Wrist Pin Clips

2 Stroke Cylinder Assembly
1) Spark Plug
2) Cylinder Head
3) Aluminum Head Gasket
4) M6X112 Stud
5) Cylinder
6) Intake Gasket
7) Cylinder/Crank case gasket
8) M6X28 Stud
9) Exhaust Gasket
10) M6 Box Nut
11) M6 Flat Washer
12) M6 Lock Washer