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Cylinder Assembly

40mm Aluminum CNC Intake OZ Reed Valve

$79.99 $49.99

Soup up your engine today with our 40mm Intake OZ Reed Valve! When modified correctly, this reed valve gives you the potential to increase horse power, create quicker throttle responsiveness, and provide better fuel economy to your engine. Meant for 40mm...

2 Stroke Cylinder Assembly
1) Spark Plug
2) Cylinder Head
3) Aluminum Head Gasket
4) M6X112 Stud
5) Cylinder
6) Intake Gasket
7) Cylinder/Crank case gasket
8) M6X28 Stud
9) Exhaust Gasket
10) M6 Box Nut
11) M6 Flat Washer
12) M6 Lock Washer