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ZTMoto Phantom 85 - Complete 52mm Bore 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit - True 85cc Bike Motor - 36T Sprocket

ZTMoto Phantom 85 - Complete 52mm Bore 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit - True 85cc Bike Motor - 36T Sprocket

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Introducing the ZTMOTO Phantom 85. The first true 85cc 2 stroke engine built for motorized bicycling. More than 2 years in the making this exclusive new engine has been redesigned to be the most powerful and reliable bicycle engine available.

The Phantom boasts a 52mm bore, redesigned, single piece cylinder combined with a 40mm stroke that makes this the biggest, fastest, most powerful bike engine you can buy. The bike engine kit comes standard with an upgraded CDI, the latest performance Speed carb, a reed valve, a double window piston, and a brand new class of high-end exhaust.

Testing has shown the ZTMoto 85 to deliver well over 3 HP. More powerful than the so called 100’s, faster than the Dio’s, the Phantom delivers high end performance right out of the box.

We also know that along with performance motorized bike riders demand durability. That’s why we made sure to include a ceramic coating on the inside of all the Phantom cylinders. This process, often seen in the racing industry, extends the life of the cylinder, reduces friction and heat, and helps improve overall engine performance.

New Phantom 85 Features Include:

  • 52mm Bore, 40mm Stroke - Actual U.S. engine displacement: 85cc
  • Single piece cylinder and head (Lower operating temps, increased rider weight capacity, improved power output across varied rpm range)
  • High performance Speed carb
  • Reed Valve (Controls air-fuel mixture flow to increase performance)
  • Ceramic lined cylinder (Significantly improves cylinder durability, reduces friction, lowers operating temps, increases performance)
  • All new ultra-quiet exhaust pipe
  • Oversized exhaust port
  • High performance CDI with Yamaha components
  • Performance magneto
  • High end allen bolts
  • Improved gas cap

This bike engine kit comes complete with the cylinder installed on the crankcase and is ready to be installed on your bike. Supply is very limited, so get yours now.

ZTMOTO Phantom 85 Complete Engine Kit Includes:

  • 85cc 2 stroke engine with one piece cylinder and head
  • Reed valve air intake
  • Pearl coating exterior finish helps protect against corrosion
  • High performance Speed carb
  • Angled LD Z8C spark plug
  • Performance magneto
  • Stainless steel allen bolts
  • Better balanced crank
  • Upgraded bearings / 60% thicker crank case around bearings
  • Stuffed crank case
  • Large intake port (40mm bolt hole width)
  • Oversized round exhaust port - 28mm diameter, 60mm stud spacing
  • 40mm crank stroke (more powerful, efficient, and reliable)
  • Double window piston
  • Long rod (89mm)
  • Larger 8mm x 1.25 engine mount studs
  • Approximate engine dimensions: 9" x 9" x 5"

Mounting Kit & Accessories Included:

  • High performance CDI with Yamaha components
  • Black tear drop gas tank (2L) w/ new fuel cap, fuel valve, fuel filter, and fuel line
  • 415 Heavy duty chain with chain guard
  • Ball bearing chain tensioner
  • Ultra quiet muffler (Stainless steel with sound insulation cotton inside)
  • Throttle assembly w/gooseneck style throttle cable
  • Twist throttle and cable with matching grip and kill switch
  • New quick release clutch handle
  • Large front mount for bicycles that have large down tubes
  • Available with 36, 44, or 48 tooth rear sprocket
  • Spark plug socket tool and gear removal tool

Technical update – Due to concerns with some of the stock bushings on the 1st Gen Phantom 85s we will be offering a free upgraded replacement bushing as soon as they become available. The new heavy duty graphene bushing should resolve any problems that may have been caused by the stock bushing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you purchased this kit and would like to have a free replacement bushing sent to you free of charge, please contact support. If you think your engine cylinder was damaged due to a stock bushing failure then please contact us to open a warranty replacement claim. We expect the upgraded bushings to be arriving the first part of October. Thanks for your patience and support.

For those who wish to perform an advanced custom modification to replace the bushing with a needle bearing. Please see this blog post by Alexander Nave: https://motoredlife.myshopify.com/blogs/news/installing-needle-wrist-pin-bearings-in-the-phantom-85
Please note that this modification will void your warranty.

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  • Phantom 85

    Posted by Gerald hartman on Oct 29th 2021

    Ran great at first Had a Lot of Power but the second week I ran it the wristband shattered and cracked the piston and the motor locked up

  • Phantom 85

    Posted by Robert Black on Sep 29th 2021

    I LOVE THE ENGINE! It definitely is night and day different than my 66cc engine. I am a ex pro Motocross guy so I can only compare it to riding a 125 and then jumping on my 250 it actually has bottom end LOL which is great.
    But if I can only keep it together I love the engine just be gentle on them unless you get the wrist pin fixed

  • Phantom 85 and Bicycle-engines.com

    Posted by Keith Van de Gryp on Sep 27th 2021

    First off, hats off to bicycle-engines.com for taking a risk and putting out a new engine kit and for their top rate customer service. First time ordering from bicycle-engines.com but it won’t be the last! Now the Phantom 85. I haven’t started the engine, it is currently taken apart. However the quality of parts seem top notch I suspect the manufacturer wasn’t ready for full production. I’m changing out the bushings for needle bearings. But from what I have seen, the engine was put together dry. This leads me to believe any issues customers may have had could have been avoided if people at least took off the jug and lubricated anything needing it. Excited for her first startup!

  • Phantom 85

    Posted by Rich on Sep 21st 2021

    So far I'm impressed. Most powerful gas bike motor I've ever owned. Also the most smooth and consistent power throughout the entire throttle range. Give it to much gas when you start it and you better hang on cause it's wheelie time. Received a dinged muffler and was promptly sent a replacement. Couldn't find the tiny bolt to cinch the clutch cable. I used an old one so no big deal. Thanks guys for a nice motor.

  • ZTMoto phantom 85

    Posted by robert morse on Sep 20th 2021

    ZTMoto phantom 85 the fastest

  • Phantom 85

    Posted by Brian Clayton on Sep 16th 2021

    It's a work of art. A ripper. Exhaust hits my front tire i had to modify it for my cruiser.

  • Bushing issue

    Posted by nick silva on Sep 15th 2021

    The bushing wrist pin issue needs to be IMMEDIATELY answered. Because, this could cause a catastrophic failure of the engine. These engines are NOT cheap, especially with the shipping + handling. I hope that ZTmoto fix this bug and sells upgrades for this promising engine. The engine has plenty of potential, but like I said, the bushing needs to get the hell out of there and a wrist pin needle bearing has to go into the rod.

  • Phantom 85

    Posted by Brad Feldman on Sep 13th 2021

    I’ve been building motorized bikes for over 6 years and I put this engine kit on a BBR bike and am extremely happy with the purchase of this kit. It is a little louder than the other 66cc engines but it feels like it has twice the power of the other engines I’ve had in the past. Once I got it mounted, I literally only had to adjust the idle a bit. Great little engine here guys. Breaking it in at 20:1 and can’t wait to put 32:1 in it when it’s ready. If anyone wants a very fast bicycle engine, this is going to be a great buy for anyone looking for great power and just a well running engine. Recommend!! MOTOX45

  • Great motor

    Posted by Sam Bogotti on Sep 12th 2021

    Phantom 85 is as described and is a crazy good motor so far

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