Black V-Frame Mounting Plate Kit


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3.81/5 (26 votes)
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Use this V-Frame engine bracket to safely mount your engine kit on a standard 26" mens bike. All necessary hardware is Included. Dimensions are 4 1/2" wide by 6 5/8" adjustable to 8" long.

What Customers Are Saying

Black V-Frame Mounting Plate Kit
Black V-Frame Mounting Plate Kit
3.81/5 (26 votes)
  • Derek Ghiotti
    Is it fit 2stroke engine ?? Thanks just wonder smiles
  • David Ortega
    Bought this for my Electra Cruiser 1, steel frame. The original 4 stroke mount failed, because it wasn't long enough for my frame. This mount is HEAVY DUTY, and adjusts longer too.
  • Bobcat
    This mount fits my bike like a glove & it's pretty sturdy after 30+ miles. Make sure to tighten the hell out of everything & it should last a good long while.

    FYI it works best on a standard cruiser frame. It can work for other bikes as long as your frame has at least 9 inches for a good fit. Also it is only for 4 stroke motors. If you really want to put a 2 stroke on this mount you could weld two poles in the shape of a V to the mount but make sure the poles are a good fit for the 2 stroke mounting brackets first before welding them on.
  • The Mecanic
    The mounting plate & brackets are probably the only decent quality items. The nuts & bolts are complete garbage. They strip very easily if you aren't careful. Ended up swapping out all the cheap junky Chinese bolts out with higher grade bolts from my local hardware store. This is something I highly recommend doing for all nuts & bolts in the kit itself. I also feel much safer for my engine being on a mounting plate using higher quality bolts.