4-Stroke Parts

Chain Drive Sprocket for 4G Tapered Engine


Solid 9 tooth sprocket for the 4G T-Belt drive transmission. Located at the rear of the transmission and include set screws for the base of the gear. Woodruff key sold separately and available upon request.

Connecting Rod


Also includes Rod Cap (Part #24) and Oil Splash Fork (Part #25) and also M5x25 Stud (Part #25) *Oil Flinger Included with Connecting Rod Kit 4 Stroke Engine Replacement Part # 31 -- Link Lever

Engager Cable 2 Pack

$12.99 $9.99

Engager cable for stage III transmission. Contains 2 cables per pack. Cable length approximately 31 in. 2 part engager cable comes with the cable from the Stage III trans to adjusting sleeve (item # 4S-CA-ECSA3) and cable from adjusting sleeve to clutch...

Here you will find replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories for your 49cc 4-Stroke bicycle engine kit.