Dynamo Headlight and Taillight Kit

Dynamo Headlight and Taillight Kit

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Dynamo Headlight and Taillight Kit provides maximum visibility to enhance your road safety by making you more noticeable in the dark as well as helping to identify road signs, obstacles, dangers, and any other unsafe driving conditions. Easy to install, our headlight kit is perfect fit for your motorized bike. Each kit fits most bicycles: BMX, Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Touring Bikes, and Tricycles. And with no batteries required the headlight and taillight is wired to a dynamo which gives the lights all the power they need to work and comes complete with mounting brackets and wires ready to fit.

The front headlight must be attached to the frame of the bike for the negative (-) connection to complete the circuit. Rear light can be fixed to bike or to rear mud guard.

Each Kit Includes:
  • 12V/6W Headlight
  • 6V/3W Taillight
  • Friction Powered Dynamo - 12V/6W, 6V/3W dual output
  • Headlight and Dynamo Mounting Clamps
  • Extra Headlight Wiring
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